SPOCK'S BEARD-Drummer bittet Fans um Hilfe

Jimmy Keegan, seines Zeichens Tourdrummer der Progressive Rock-Legende SPOCK'S BEARD, hat auf der Homepage der Band einen Aufruf gestartet. Er erzählt, dass sein Bruder Dave und dessen Frau Corrine ein schreckliches Schicksal ereilt hat: Beide leiden unter Krebs. Als wäre das nicht hart genug, ist der Sohn des Paares autistisch.

Trotz einer Versicherung zu Therapiezwecken sind sie auf eine Menge Geld angewiesen. Die Ausgaben können sie alleine nicht stemmen, deshalb bittet Keegan alle Fans (auch von befreundeten Bands) um eine Spende, auch wenn sie noch so klein ist.

Hier das komplette Statement von Jimmy Keegan:

"I have a difficult request of the tremendous fans of Spock's Beard. My brother Dave and his wife Corrine are in an almost impossible situation. They are both suffering from cancer. Corrine from breast cancer and Dave from Multiple Myeloma (a type of bone cancer). They do have insurance but as I'm sure you are aware, when you get into large scale treatments, insurance only helps. The costs are already staggering and Dave is only just beginning his treatments. Compound that with the regular bills of life and you can see the impossible aspect of their situation. On top of this they are raising a son with autism which is a constant challenge.
I'm appealing to you for a little help. Even with my huge family we are still not able to cover the costs. We have set up a little fund so friends and extended family can help whenever and however possible. Some of you have already, and quite generously, helped out and my gratitude cannot be measured.

So if it is possible and in your means, click on this link and help however you can. It's through Paypal so you will need a Paypal account. $5 (or Euros or whatever), $10 or the change in your pocket. If there's nothing in your pocket, spread the word. I'm sure Dream Theater and Flower King fans are kind and generous as well. Quite simply, I am begging for the sake of my family.

Thank you, Jimmy"