STILL REMAINS haben anscheinend beim Abschiedskonzert von HASTE THE DAY am 11. März in Indianapolis Blut geleckt und sich entschlossen, wieder gemeinsam weiterzumachen. Das Line-Up der Band aus Grand Rapids ist nicht mehr ganz dasselbe, aber lest selbst:


Maybe we shouldn’t have called it a break-up. Maybe we needed a few years to purge the strain of having six or seven full-time roommates living in a van, and get back to having fun. When Haste The Day asked us to come back for one show none of us immediately said yes. Obviously, we eventually did. Getting together and playing those songs again in a tiny little corner-room in Mike’s basement had a bigger effect than we expected. We want more…

We are not aspiring to get back to the same type of touring schedule that we had to walk away from. We all have other priorities and many of us are invested in other musical projects, but we know Still Remains has chemistry and musicianship that is not easy to come by. 

New tunes are in the works and we’ve booked a hometown show in Grand Rapids. We are looking forward to rocking together again. We’ll keep you updated through and tickets will be available shortly at

We appreciate your support and are blown away that it hasn’t stopped.


Still Remains 2011 is: 
Zachary Roth
Mike Church
Jordan Whelan
Evan Willey
T.J. Miller
A.J. Barrette

Anbei als kleinen Vorgeschmack auf das, was Euch bald erwartet, ein Video der Reunion Show beim HASTE THE DAY Abschiedskonzert: