Track-by-Track des kommenden STREAM OF PASSION-Albums

Ein interessantes Track-by-Track, bei dem ihr Infos zu jedem einzelnen Song des kommenden Albums "Darker Days" erfahren könnt, haben STREAM OF PASSION auf ihrer Homepage veröffentlicht. Die CD wird am 24.06.2011 bei Napalm Records erscheinen.

Viel Spaß nun beim Lesen des Track-by-Tracks:

A very dramatic and heavy song. We mixed huge guitars with tango influences and this was the result; so on one side you have the very melodic verses, led by the bandoneon and string quartet, and on the other the choruses driven by the guitars and the drums.

A song Marcela wrote thinking about her hometown Monterrey. "Almost every day I read another terrible story about my old hometown in the news; about murders, kidnappings, persecutions and all other kinds of horrible things going on because of the constant war against drugs and fights amongst cartels. This song is inspired in the hope things can change".

While thinking about all the tours we've done, the heaviest gigs we've played, we came up with the riffs of the song; we tried to reflect that energy we feel on stage. Lyric wise this song is about paranoia and persecution delirium, and trying to find comfort in the people you trust.

This song was inspired by the book "The scarlet letter", honor killings and all other situations where women around the world are persecuted and severely judged for bringing what is considered dishonor to their families. Music wise this track has a mysterious atmosphere combined with heavy passages.

Spark is a very soft ballad, a sort of lullaby in a way. It´s about platonic love, longing for an ideal someone. We chose to have just piano and vocals in first instance, released it like this around the end of last year, but when we were in the studio recording the bandoneon, the atmosphere of that instrument really fitted the song, so we added some bandoneon lines too.

This song was inspired in Mexican folk music. We combined a Latin rhythm pattern with heavy guitars, challenging the rest of the band with the non European musical basic feel of the song. The lyrics talk about finding one's own voice and inspiration.

This song started out of the idea of writing a riff in a 5/4 time signature. While working on the verses we came up with the idea of giving it a flamenco feeling with the vocal melodies and the chord progression; it worked out really well in combination with the heavier intro and choruses.

On this song we combined a clean guitar pattern and a doomy atmosphere with a more modern metal riff; it soon became a very dark and intense track. The lyrics are inspired in the negative life experiences we all go through, that might damage us and lead us to involuntarily change our ways.

We started with the very fast paced riff in the beginning, and paired with equally energetic drums. Suddenly, we visualised the piano melody on top of it, which gave the song a whole other feeling; still very energetic, but also mysterious. The lyrics are inspired on Daniel Kahneman's speech on the riddle of experience versus memory, and how it affects our vision of happiness.

This song was inspired by Vincent van Gogh, by his work "Starry night" and the letters he exchanged with his brother. His search for his own voice and his struggle to find recognition for his work is something I think all artists of all kinds can relate to.

A track full of energy, heavy riffs and lots of chromatic melody play. The lyrics are inspired by Oscar Wilde's "The picture of Dorian Gray".

A ballad Marcela wrote after her grandmother passed away. "I put together the basic structure of the song and wrote the vocal melodies a few weeks after it happened, and then put the idea away for a while; almost a year afterwards I wrote the lyrics, and just then I realized all the emotions that were bound to it."

A song inspired by the multiple revolutions taking place in the world nowadays. Music wise this song combines subtle influences from trip-hop with big, open riffs.

We wanted to try out more diverse time signatures, so we started with the idea of doing a song in 6/8. We came up with the verses and it quickly took shape into a mysterious, Bond-ish kind of track; with the addition of the big choruses it turned out very epic! The lyrics are inspired in witch hunts, both literal and figurative.