ANTLERED MAN: Tour im Sommer

ANTLERED MAN kommen im Sommer endlich bei uns auf Kurz-Tournee. Und was Punk-Legende JOHN ROBB zu ihnen?

"They are amazing- an absolutely stunning band and my new favourite band. They take the post rock, math rock colliding riffs of a Shellac and play them with a metal power. They take the insanely complex, almost prog song structures and turn them into something that makes sense and can be translated to a mosh pit. Their debut album Giftes 1 & 2, is full of twists and turns, eastern drones headbutting intensely heavy passages- pure noise giving way to melodic rushes and they expand on this live. They are proper heavy as well, and their nerdy Woody Allen on steroids approach is refreshingly powerful and brilliantly unexpected."

Wer sich die Band gerne anschauen möchte, hier habt ihr die Gelegenheit dazu: 
27.07.2012 Viersen / Hoher Busch - Eier mit Speck Festival
03.08.2012 Trebur - Open Air
07.09.2012 South Of Mainstream / Schönewalde - Stolzenhain
14.09.2012 NL - Incuvate Festival - Tilburg