KATATONIA: Video zu "Dead Letters"

KATATONIA sind mit "Dead End Kings" zurück. Ein genreübergreifender Rock-Prog-Metal Trip. Die Band verspricht einen musikalischen Meilenstein voller Melancholie und Angst und lässt uns wissen: "Dead End Kings" ist ergreifend, emotional, finster!

Einen Vorgeschmack auf das neue Werk der schwedischen Dark Rocker bringt das Lyricvideo zum Song "Dead Letters" , das dazugehörige Album "Dead End Kings" erscheint am 24.08.2012.

Jonas (vocals):
"DEAD END KINGS is about the corridors of our mind from where there is no return. Be a king or queen in your own right in these hallways, even at the dead end. Carry your burden with pride. That's what we are doing, twenty years and counting. Kings, because we believe in what we are creating, in our own disturbing faith".

Anders (Guitars):
"This album has doors revolving into many different genres of music but remain disguised within the Katatonia trademark. We have walked the fine line between attempting not to repeat ourselves but also not to distance us away from what people know and love. We're now ready to hand over the evidence and whatever the direction this has taken is now for you to decide. We're confident the creativity and passion on this album is something that will be echoing even beyond the dead end".

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