DEW-SCENTED streamen neues Album "Icarus"

Nur noch ein paar Tage, dann steht das neue DEW-SCENTED-Album "Icarus" in den Läden. Auf der Website des Rock Hard Magazins, kann man das Album in kompletter Länge anhören. Einfach HIER klicken! Viel Spaß damit

DEW-SCENTED über den Stream: "Here it is, at last! We are stoked to be able to present you the full 'Icarus' album to check out! We are truly satisfied with what we achieved on this record and hope you will enjoy the music as much as we do! This is our take on modern, authentic and relentlessly deadly Thrash's certainly not for the faint-hearted, but we suppose you weren't expecting anything else by DEW-SCENTED?!"

dewscented photo2012