SANCTUARY unterschreiben bei Century Media

Century Media holt sich eine Legende ins Haus, SANCTUARY unterschreiben einen weltweiten Vertrag bei dem Label. Fans dürfen sich auf die geplante Veröffentlichung Ende 2013 freuen:

sanctuaryDie Gründungsmitglieder Warrel und Lenny sagen dazu folgendes:

Warrel Dane: "Having been with Century Media since 1995 with Nevermore it was a very comfortable decision for Sanctuary to sign with them. Century Media has a great team that always delivers for all of their bands. I've known most of them on a first name basis for many years and I look forward to this new chapter in history."

Lenny Rutledge: "I can speak for every member of Sanctuary when I say we are all excited to join the Century Media family. We now have the opportunity to work with the best metal record label on the planet. We are looking forward to creating great music with an awesome team behind us."