HELL veröffentlichen zweite Singleauskopplung mit Video

Nach "Age Of Nefarious" veröffentlichten HELL mit "Darkhangel" nun die zweite Singleauskopplung ihres neuen Albums "Curse & Chapter", welches am 25. November via Nuclear Blast erscheinen wird.

Die Band zum Song: "It is a song written about Aleister Crowley's infamous attempts to raise the demon Pan in a Paris hotel room in the 1930's. This track evolved in exactly the same way as 'the Age Of Nefarious', with Andy helping to rearrange and structure my original music into something more coherent, and with David taking my original lyrical ideas and transforming them into a great story about one of the most notorious occult events in history. The intro soundscape features the voice of Crowley himself, lifted from an old wax cylinder recording."