STREAM OF PASSION stellen Video zu "A War Of Our Own" ins Netz

STREAM OF PASSION werden am 18. April 2014 ihr neues Album "A War Of Our Own" via Pias/Rough Trade auf den Markt bringen. Nach dem Frontcover und der "A War Of Our Own" Track List wurde jetzt das Musikvideo zum Titel Song "A War Of Our Own" online gestellt.
Sängerin Marcela Bovio dazu: "A corporate impasse such as this affects your peace of mind. The idea of crowd funding changed everything. It was heart-warming to see how many people were prepared to support us and what they were willing to do to secure our future. Through this we've grown closer to our fans, they played a major part in creating this album."

Hier die Tracklist zu"A War Of Our Own":
01. Monster
02. A war of our own
03. The curse
04. Autophobia
05. Burning star
06. For you
07. Exile
08. Delirio
09. Earthquake
10. Secrets
11. Don't let go
12. Out of the darkness
13. The distance between us (Digipack Bonus Track)

Stream Of Passion - A War Of our Own