Eine neue Punk-Supergroup erblüht: NOMADICTS

Supergroups kommen und gehen aber dafür dürfen wir uns immer wieder an neuen Klängen von diesen erfreuen. Dieses mal treffen sich folgende Musiker zum musizieren:

Yotam Ben Horin (USELESS ID)
Chris Del Rio (IMPLANTS)
Simo Perini (ACTIONMEN)

Das Debütalbum ist auch schon in der Mache und die noch junge Bio liest sich wie folgt:

"Nomadicts is the new punk rock outfit featuring members & ex-members of; USELESS ID, IMPLANTS, TEN FOOT POLE, ACTIONMEN, BLOODY BEATROOTS and THE GAMITS.
The concept of this new band came to pass in November 2013 after Useless ID toured Japan with The IMPLANTS. Shortly after that tour Chris reached out to Yotam about possibly doing a collaboration together. The two key songwriters musically connected, that in a matter of months, they had an album worth of material. Chris then contacted Simo Perini whom he befriended on tour while Yotam contacted long time friend Chris Fogal. As of now, the guys are getting ready to record their debut album as well as hitting the road later on this year."