THE REAL MCKENZIES streamen den ersten Song ihres kommenden Albums

Nun ist die erste Katze aus dem Dudelsack, denn die REAL MCKENZIES haben den ersten Track ihres kommenden Album "Rats In The Burlap" zum Abschuss freigegeben.

Den Song "Who´d You Thought" könnt ihr euch HIER anhören.

Mr. Paul McKenzies hat zu ihm folgendes zu sagen:

"The Real McKenzies wrote 'Who'd a Thought' for the political/social climate that people just like you and I are facing today and, even more so, in the future. One of my favorite all-time bands, the MC5, were the ones who first awakened political awareness within me at a very early age. That was back when tha 'boil' was already infected, but just coming to a head. Now that the 'boil' has burst, who is expected to clean it up? Who'd a thought? Know your opponent. Here's to the MC5 and to the awakening of all individuals in terms of worldwide political awareness. Don't be caught with your kilt up."