BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE stellen EP für 2016 in Aussicht

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Sänger Matt Tuck hat in einem Interview mit dem Kerrang! Magazin die Veröffentlichung einer EP in diesem Jahr in Aussicht gestellt.

Bullet For My Valentine Promo 2016

"We're planning on doing something special this year as far as music goes. It hasn't been confirmed yet, but we've been having talks about dropping a five-track EP or something, to give away to the fans.

We would just really like to have something to keep everybody going between albums. The way music has changed and the way people listen to it is king, and you have to adapt and have something to keep people going. It's all talk at this point, but if we get the time and it comes together and it sounds great, we'll definitely get something out this year."