KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: neues Video zu "Hate By Design" online

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE werden ihr neues Album Incarnate am 11. März via Roadrunner Records veröffentlichen. Hieraus gibt es heute als kleinen Vorgeschmack das Video zu dem Song "Hate By Design" zu sehen.

Sänger Jesse Leach über den Songwriting-Prozess, bei dem es wohl einige Anlaufschwierigkeiten gab: "It did take me a little longer. But we're at this stage now with our band where we can't be phoning it in. If you really care about your music and you care about your career and your fans, you've gotta give 'em everything you've got. And so I came to a point where this album literally drove me crazy. My wife can attest to that. There were a good couple of weeks where I wasn't myself. I just got lost in the process, because I wanted this record to be everything it could be. I was losing sleep, not sleeping at all, and waking up in the middle of the night and sitting down and writing pages and pages and pages of words. By the time all was said and done, I probably had 80 pages of lyrics. I just wanted to give it everything I could, vocally and lyrically."

Über das neue Album Incarnate sagt Leach zum Revolver Magazin: "The definition of incarnate is 'in the flesh.' And this record is who we are right now. Whereas [2013's] 'Disarm The Descent' was sort of my 'comeback' album, and was about us feeling out the new vibe. But now, after spending a few years traveling the world together, I think we're all in a really comfortable place. We definitely have a strong sense of self as to who we are as a band."

Anbei der Clip zu "Hate By Design" und das Cover zum neuen Album Incarnate: