EAGLES OF DEATH METAL Drummer Julian Dorio erhält Schlagzeug der Terrorangriffe zurück

EAGLES OF DEATH Metal Drummer Julian Dorio hat sein bei den Terrorangriffen im Pariser Bataclan gespieltes Schlagzeug zurückerhalten, dessen Schaden laut eigenen Angaben "zu schlimm, um ihn zu teilen" sein soll, da beispielsweise die Kick-Drum von einer Kugel durchschossen wurde.

Die Independent-Firma C&C Drums habe das Schlagzeug nun wieder repariert, es von einem Priester mit heiligem Wasser segnen lassen und an Dorio zurückgeschickt. Dorio selbst sagt:

"After five months the kit I was playing on November 13 in Paris has returned to me. There was a time when I never wanted to see it again but I just couldn't let this instrument be thrown away. If salvageable, it should be used to bring people together, create new music and hopefully add some joy to the world. With cracked hoops, bent tension rods, and a bullet hole in the kick drum, the details of its condition, which are too heavy to share, were horrifying and gruesome. The amazing folks at C&C Drum Co. were brave enough to scrub and reassemble it and for that I'm so grateful. They even had a priest bless it with holy water before shipping it to Nashville. A heartfelt thanks to C&C, Dave Price, Sound Moves and everyone else involved. I'm very proud to be its custodian but these drums belong to the inspiring people of France and all of the victims who've had the courage to march on. With these drums we'll turn bad into good and create something positive. Can't wait to have them back on stage."

Im August kommen die EAGLES OF DEATH METAL für vier Konzerte auch nach Deutschland. Karten gibt es bei Eventim.

Live: Eagles Of Death Metal

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16.08. Köln - Live Music Hall
20.08. Großpösna - Highfield Festival
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