LACUNA COIL: Fanvideo von der Liveperformance von "Delirium" online

LACUNA COIL haben am 23. Mai im RamsHead in Baltimore im Rahmen ihrer Show den Titeltrack ihres anstehenden Albums „Delirium“ live performed.
Hier könnt ihr euch ein Fan Video dazu anschauen:

„Delirium“ wird am 27. Mai via Century Media veröffentlicht.

Lacuna Coil Delirium

Auf die wieder etwas härtere Ausrichtung der Songs auf „Delirium“ angesprochen, gab Cristina Scabbia gegenüber Planetmosh folgendes zu Protokoll:
"We already had the feeling that this would be a much heavier record, just because we... You see it, when you start to write music, to put down the new compositions, you kind of see the general direction. Of course, everything can change, but at the very beginning, we started to work on something more heavy. And plus, we just realized that even during the live shows, we were enjoying much more to perform the most energetic songs out of the LACUNA COIL catalog. So we definitely wanted to do something different, not only compared to the previous records we did — at least the last ones — but we wanted to do something pretty different from the bands that, in our genre, were doing, in a way, because maybe fans and press, whatever, people were expecting us to go softer and maybe more into a rock direction while we went the other way around and made it heavy. I'm happy that this record is surprising a lot of people — really happy — 'cause that's kind of the reaction that we were hoping for."