AYREON posten Live-Clip zum Track "Day Two: Isolation"

AYREON veröffentlichen am 17. Juni die neue DVD, Blu-Ray "The Theater Equation" via InsideOut Music. Aufgenommen wurde die DVD im September 2015 im Nieuwe Luxor Theater in Rotterdam. Heute wurde der neue Live Clip zum Song "Day Two: Isolation" online gestellt.

Arjen sagte: "Even today as I write this, I am amazed and touched by how hard everyone worked and how much love and care they generously gave to make it all happen. Sometimes the dream becomes reality!"

James LaBrie as 'Me'
Devon Graves as 'Agony'
Heather Findlay as 'Love'
Eric Clayton as 'Reason'
Magnus Ekwall as 'Pride',
Marcela Bovio as 'Wife'
Irene Jansen as 'Passion'
Anneke van Giersbergen as 'Fear',
Jermain van der Bogt (Wudstik) as 'Best Friend'
Mike Mills as 'Rage/Father'
Nienke Verboom as 'Nurse'
Peter Moltmaker as 'Doctor'
Anita van der Hoeven as 'Mom'

Ed Warby: Drums
Jeroen Goossens: Flutes and woodwinds
Johan van Stratum: Bass
Maaike Peterse: Cello
Ben Mathot: Violin
Marcel Coenen: Guitars
Freek Gielen: Guitars
Erik van Ittersum: Keyboards/synths
Ruben Wijga: Keyboards/synths
Epic Rock Choir

Ayreon The Theater Equation

Act 1:
1. "Day One: Vigil"
2. "Overture"
3. "Day Two: Isolation"
4. "Day Three: Pain" (Lucassen/Devin Townsend)
5. "Day Four: Mystery"
6. "Day Five: Voices"
7. "Pain II"
8. "Day Six: Childhood"
9. "Day Seven: Hope"
10. "Day Eight: School" (Lucassen/Townsend)
11. "Childhood II"
12. "Day Nine: Playground" (Adaptation of Edvard Grieg's Morning mood)
13. "Day Ten: Memories"
14. "Pain III"
15. "Day Eleven: Love"

Act 2:
16. "Overture II"
17. "Day Twelve: Trauma"
18. "Day Thirteen: Sign" (Lucassen/Heather Findley)
19. "Day Fourteen: Pride"
20. "Vigil II"
21. "Day Fifteen: Betrayal"
22. "School II"
23. "Day Sixteen: Loser" (Lucassen/Townsend)
24. "Day Seventeen: Accident?" (Lucassen/Devon Graves)
25. "Pain IV"
26. "Day Eighteen: Realization"
27. "Trauma II"
28. "Day Nineteen: Disclosure"
29. "Day Twenty: Confrontation"
30. "Finale"