FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY - Single "Iron Moon" online, Album "The Great Collapse" kommt im März

FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY haben die zweite Single aus ihrem am 17.03. erscheinenden Album "The Great Collapse" veröffentlicht. "Iron Moon" enthält dabei auch einen Gastbeitrag von Kevin McCaughey, Sänger von Ion Dissonance.

"Iron Moon's one of our more aggressive songs, lyrically it's sort of an attack on the complacent and routine life," sagt Gitarrist und Produzent Will Putney. "The world is full of people stuck in these dead end paths, just accepting a world that's handed to you, a world where you have no voice or no opportunity to even get ahead. It's a song written in defiance of that and is a reminder that you don't have to settle for being exploited or controlled by anyone."

Das inzwischen vierte Studioalbum der Band schließt nahtlos an die letzten Veröffentlichungen “Absolute Hope Absolute Hell” und den Splitrelease “The Depression Session” (mit The Acacia Strain & Thy Art Is Murder) an. Für das Artwork zeichnet der Künstler Adam Burke verantwortlich.

“The Great Collapse is a reflection on the current chaotic state of mankind’s relationship with the world, and it’s effect both outward and inward,” sagt Gitarrist und Produzent Will Putney. “It’s a dark and unsettling record that encapsulates a variety of approaches to aggressive music, and a definite expansion of our capabilities as a band. It’s going to be the strongest record in our catalog. The overall mood and atmosphere of this album feels fully realized and emotionally stirring.”