HATE veröffentlichen erstes Video zum kommenden Album

Die Extreme Black / Death Metaller HATE veröffentlichen erstes Lyric-Video "Asuric Being" zum kommenden Album "Tremendum".


Der Kopf der Band Atf Sinner über den Hintergrund zu “Asuric Being”:
“The lyric for “Asuric Being” is inspired by Rudolf Steiner's philosophical concept of Asuras -„Spirit of Darkness” or spirit of Self-hood (egoism). It has a lot of archaic references and a history that long pre-dates Christianity. A truly great concept that has become a big source of inspiration to me. As for the music, you may notice how much we have refined the formula since „Crusade”. „Tremendum” is a profound, organic and adventurous album. We are really proud of it!”


1 Asuric Being
2 Indestructible Pillar
3 Svarog's Mountain
4 Numinosum
5 Fidelis Ad Mortem
6 Into Burning Gehenna
7 Sea of Rubble
8 Ghostforce
9 Walk Through Fire
10 Hearts of Steel (Bonus Track)

Das Album kann hier vorbestellt werden.

HATE Line-up:
Atf Sinner – Guitar, Vocals
Pavulon – Drums
Apeiron – Bass (session)
Domin – Guitar (session)