HATE veröffentlichen Lyric Video

Gerade ist erst das neue Album "Tremendum" von HATE erschienen, da legt das Duo nach.

Und zwar mit einem Lyric-Video zu dem Song "Sea Of Rubble".
Inhaltlich geht es bei dem Song um den Warschauer Aufstand von 1944.

Lest dazu einen Kommentar von AtfSinner:
"This is more personal. It is about Warsaw Uprising 1944. In my family, lots of people lost their lives while fighting the Nazis in the Uprising. They were civilians, not soldiers. Their ethic is still alive and somehow important to me. I'd been thinking of writing a song about it for a long time. It's not an anthem about heroism or patriotism. It's a rather bitter song with quite universal message. To my ear, it sounds like a combination of rage, despair and melancholy with a great solo part by Canadian guitarist Dean Paul Arnold (guest appeaance). Definitely one of my favourite songs on "Tremendum"."

HATE Line-up:
Atf Sinner – Guitar,
Vocals Pavulon – Drums
Apeiron – Bass (live)
Domin – Guitar (live)