MEGADETH - Video zu "Lying In State" mit Vic Rattlehead

MEGADETH haben ein Video zum Song "Lying In State" vom aktuellen "Dystopa"-Album veröffentlicht. Darin spielt Bandmaskottchen Vic Rattlehead eine tragende Rolle ... MEGADETH Sänger Dave Mustaine kommentiert den Song wie folgt:

"'Lying In State' is actually a second part of 'Conquer Or Die'. These two parts were supposed to be sequenced together. So it goes 'Conquer Or Die… Lying In State'. And the 'Lying In State' part is a double entendre which I'm pretty familiar with doing. The 'lying in state' was a place where you… Once you die, you're lying in state for all to see. Or, right now, with people who are still upright, standing by the podium, lying in a position of state."


"The song is about how it is here with almost every single politician. It talks about how I've seen the world change in the [56] years that I've been alive. I guess the double entendre came from watching a lot of these politicians, you just know when they're asked a question the answer is such spin, somebody that doesn't know shit is gonna go, 'Oh, I get it,' because they don't wanna say, 'I have no idea what he just said.' But for me, since I watch a lot of political pundits to try to get inspiration for songs, I see when people are spinning stuff. Then you've got John Kerry — his wife is the heir to Heinz Ketchup over here, so that dude's a billionaire. He don't need to be working! But then he comes out and says the Paris shooters should have been able to be justified for what they did like at Charlie Hebdo, and the world went nuts on him and then he back-pedalled it, and to me that's lying in state."

MEGADETH werden wohl Mitte 2018 ins Studio gehen, um eine neue Scheibe aufzunehmen, die dann 2019 erscheinen könnte. Via Twitter gab Mustaine bekannt, dass bereits fleißig Ideen gesammelt werden.