CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX veröffentlichen neues Album samt Singleauskopplung

"Great Escape" ist das erste Lebenszeichen der Band, seitdem Mastermind Justin Greaves seine Depression öffentlich gemacht hat.

Eben jener kommentierte das Album folgendermaßen: "Sometimes we want to escape from the dark and make a positive change in our life... and yet...Sometimes we simply want to escape this world. Because we’re tired and we’ve had enough... This is what 'Great Escape' is. Some parts it’s pure escapism from real life, longing to just shoot straight up and off this planet.... Other parts are born out of frustration at the unjust world we live in. It is.. Escaping from your own broken mind, or from society, or animals escaping from abuse. It’s the escape from the mainstream thought patterns and engrained social conditioning that perpetuates mans destruction of nature. We can be our own 'Great Escape' if we want, and it can be however you want to it to be. If you’re not happy then you don’t have to conform, you don’t have to carry on 'playing the game'."

"Great Escape" wird am 14. September von Season Of Mist veröffentlicht werden.

Great Escape


1. You Brought It Upon Yourselves (3:43)
2. To You I Give (9:22)
3. Uncivil War (pt I) (2:50)
4. Madman (4:51)
5. Times, They Are A’Raging (11:58)
6. Rain Black, Reign Heavy (5:58)
7. Slow Motion Breakdown (4:34)
8. Nebulas (5:35)
9. Las Diabolicas (3:49)
10. Great Escape (pt I) (7:36)
11. Great Escape (pt II) (13:03)

Mit "To You I Give" haben die britischen Rocker auch schon die erste Single des Albums ausgekoppelt. Justin Greaves hierzu: "This songs is about giving your heart to someone or something special, and being able to cope with the trouble and anxiety it can incite as well as the joy and hope it brings. Giving is strength. We can endure."