Neues Projekt von ehemaligen MORBID ANGEL und MAYHEM-Mitgliedern unterschreibt bei Season Of Mist

Die VLTIMAS betitelte Extreme-Metal-Formation besteht aus David Vincent (Ex-MORBID ANGEL), Rune Eriksen (Ex-MAYHEM, AURA NOIR) und Flo Monier (CRYPTOPSY).

Das Debütalbum des Trios wird Anfang 2019 unter dem Banner des französischen Labels auf den Markt gebracht werden.

Rune Eriksen kommentierte: "Feels like aeons ago since I last ventured into these musical shores, but alas, here we are. Its been an intense year and a half with lots of planning, hard work, personal sacrifice and yeah, traveling. I believe I speak for all 3 of us on this matter. Nevertheless, the beast has been summoned and recorded and I am overly confident about the outcome. Having had the opportunity to work with some of the finest of craftsmen in the genre, the level of experience speaks volumes. The mutual understanding, vision and drive, everything as if for a greater purpose. That's how the end result sounds like to me. A special thank you goes out to longtime partner in crime Michael Berberian and Season Of Mist for the immense belief in this entity, as well as my companion Jaime Gomez Arellano over at Orgone Studio (UK) for a job superbly done!


Außerdem hat die neuformierte Band einen ersten Teaser-Trailer hochgeladen: