ARCH ENEMY - Video zu neuer Single

Die neue Single von ARCH ENEMY ist nun sowohl auf digitalem Wege, als auch als auf 1000 Stück limitierte Vinyl-Variante erschienen.

Das gute Stück trägt wie angekündigt den Titel "Reason To Believe" und veranlasst Gitarrist Michael Amott zu einem Statement anlässlich der Veröffentlichung:

“Growing up, I guess I was what would be considered the “different kid”, the odd one out at school etc. I fled into my own shell and the music that I loved. Not having a lot friends and not being popular made me who I am today. My passion for music is really where I found my identity and also the strength to pull through those not always so easy times as a young teenager. Luckily, I was always obsessed with music, I had a lot of ideas for starting a band even before I hit puberty! When I finally saved up enough money to buy my first guitar at the age of thirteen I started creating my own songs immediately and started my first band soon thereafter. I haven’t stopped since. Music has been with me every step of the way through life and is still, to this day, my best friend and greatest passion. I’m sure a lot of people out there feel the same way. “Reason to Believe” is a song that was born out of reminiscing about my own youth and also the stories from our fans around the world. This one’s for you... Always keep on fighting my friends!”

Neben dem namensgebenden Titel, enthält die B-Seite der Vinyl-Version, mit einer Coverversion von "Shout" des TEARS FOR FEARS-Klassikers, ein weiteres interessantes Schmankerl.

Den Titeltrack "Reason To Believe" könnt ihr euch nun ebenfalls als Video-Version zu Gemüte führen:

ARCH ENEMY Tourdates:

31.05.2019 Pilsen (Czech Republic) – Metalfest Open Air

05.06.2019 Sölvesborg (Sweden) – Sweden Rock Festival

07.06.2019 Nürburg (Germany) – Rock Am Ring

08.06.2019 Nürnberg (Germany) – Rock Im Park

06.07.2019 Barcelona (Spain) – Rock Fest Barcelona

12.07.2019 Kvinesdal (Norway) – Norway Rock Festival

10.07.2019 Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – Dynamo Metal Fest

20.07.2019 Laukaa (Finland) – John Smith Rock Festival