Dark-Metaller AEONS CONFER veröffentlichen Video zu "Termination Artefacts"

Artwork des aktuellen Albums

Die Hamburger Dark-Metaller AEONS CONFER haben ein Video zum Song "Termination Artefacts" veröffentlicht. Der Track stammt vom aktuellen Album "Zero Elysium" und erzählt laut Band folgende Story:

"A chaotic formation, blown apart wildly, freed from previously stable gravitational forces, racesat inconceivable speed into the center of our solar system. Countless compositions of rock, ice, matted dust, and metal are on a direct course with the manifold forms of life inhabiting planet Earth. The universe is constantly being observed, mapped, scanned and analyzed.

In spite of humanity’s feeble attempts at controlling its own fate, celestial bodies often approach the world unnoticed for a long time and appear abruptly - and at threatening distances. Suddenly, large objects appear in the immediate vicinity of the Earth. Their enormous speed and their sheer abundance prevent a globally overarching coordinated defense system."

... und so sieht das dann aus: