FEAR FACTORY starten Fundraising-Aktion für neues Album

Dino Cazares und Burton C. Bell von FEAR FACTORY Nuclear Blast

FEAR FACTORY haben eine GoFundMe-Kampagne gestartet, um ihr lang ersehntes neues Album veröffentlichen zu können. Das Album mit den beiden Masterminds Dino Cazares an der Gitarre / Bass, Sänger Burton C. Bell und Mike Heller am Schlagzeug soll 2021 erscheinen.

Die Aktion ist das erste offizielle Lebenszeichen von FEAR FACTORY seit Ende der US-Headliner-Tour im Jahr 2016 und nach Beendigung der Rechtsstreitigkeiten um den Bandnamen, deren Unwägbarkeiten ein großes finanzielles Loch gerissen haben, wie die Band auf der GoFundMe-Seite schreibt:

"Calling all FEAR FACTORY fans!

As the smoke clears on what has been a very long and arduous period for FEAR FACTORY, we would firstly like to acknowledge our fans for supporting us and being very patient as we again find our footing after a long absence due to an intensive legal dispute.

We are relieved to report that the legal matter surrounding the FEAR FACTORY name has now come to an end and the band is now able to move forward.

It has been a long road in getting to this point and it has certainly not been without its challenges both professionally and personally. As a result, it has caused a significant blow and thrown a wrench into the gears of the FEAR FACTORY machine by creating a heavy financial burden of debt and crushing legal fees associated with the many disputes on the road to reaching a final outcome.

As it stands, FEAR FACTORY are back, but are now facing an uncertain future financially and we need your help to restart the machine to get FF back up and running and firing on all cylinders. The mounting legal hardship and ensuing legalities have caused both the delayed completion and release of our 10th studio album, so we've decided to take the unique step of reaching out to our fans to ask for help through a Gofundme page.

If you are able to contribute your donation will go directly towards finishing the new album. We are currently in the post production stage and have yet to complete drums, mixing, mastering and finalizing artwork for a 2021 release.

Any monies raised above our goal will also go towards producing new music videos for the upcoming album which we are excited to get underway as soon as possible.

We understand that the current situation with the global pandemic may make it difficult for a lot of our fans to contribute at this time, as we are also feeling the financial hardship due to the corona virus and recognize the struggles we are all facing at the moment.

We'd like to thank you all for the love and continued support over the last 30 years and hope that together, we can reach our goal.

Please share and help spread the word and also keep a look out, as we will be posting regular updates on the new album as it progresses for everyone to get a peak inside the gears of the machine and a look at the recording and post production process.

Stay safe, Stay positive and know that you have got the power to effect a change.

The machine is still alive!

Thank You"