AMENRA unterzeichnen Vertrag mit Relapse Records

Relapse Records / Amenra

Die belgische Hardcore Band AMENRA haben heuten einen Vetrag mit Relapse Records unterschrieben.

“The band’s focus on the inherent and desolate beauty that’s found in life imbued with a painful ambience not often found within their doomed sludge style…in the clashing of tender and serene passages with intense screams and walls of noise that touch upon the actuality of life. It will hurt and terrify, but there can be salvation.″ - Metal Hammer

Das Quintett um Sänger Colin H. Van Eeckhout freut sich über den Deal und kündigt in diesem Atemzug ein neues Album für 2021 an:
“We are thrilled to announce that from now on we will be signed to Relapse records. A haven to a lot of our friends, and now to us as well. We are looking forward to work with this more than capable team, and are eager to see where it will lead us. Our new record will see its first light mid 2021. Ever onwards."