DARK TRANQUILLITY – Single & Video zu “The Dark Unbroken”

Foto by Century Media

DARK TRANQUILLITY veröffentlichen heute ihre letzte Vorab-Single “The Dark Unbroken” von ihrem kommenden Album “Moment” (VÖ am 20.11.2020). Dazu gibt's auch ein Video:


Die Band dazu: “Filmed in the heart of Gothenburg with renowned TV/film director Erik Eger (Thicker Than Water, One Hundred Years Of Evil) "The Dark Unbroken" shows the city as we've seen it this year and it reflects our longing to be back on a stage together. Shot in part at the beautiful Stora Teatern that has stood in the center of town since 1859, this serves as a transition to our up - coming streamed live show from the very same stage on the 21st of November. More info on this to follow, until then, enjoy “The Dark Unbroken”!”


Mikael Stanne - Vocals 
Martin Brändström - Electronics 
Anders Jivarp - Drums 
Johan Reinholdz - Guitars 
Christopher Amott - Guitars  
Anders Iwers - Bass