GONE IS GONE veröffentlichen neues Album und ersten Song

Stefan Schmid

Am 4.12.2020 erscheint „If Everything Happens For A Reason...Then Nothing Really Matters At All" das neue Werk von GONE IS GONE.

Heute veröffentlicht die Band auch einen ersten Song, "Death Of A Dream":

Troy Sanders sagt folgendes zum Song:

"I believe that going full throttle with an idea, a project, a relationship or a marriage.. you put all energy into moving forward, trying to achieve this 'dream like' scenario, fairy tale ending, happily ever after, everything is perfect type of fantasy. 
If, or when, it were to fail or become an illusion, or delusion, rather than viewing it with regret, you feel as though you tried your best, gave it your all, and exhausted all positive and forward momentum possible. Hence, the death of a dream. 
After this life altering change of events, it can be viewed with celebration, as we hope to grow together, but quite often grow apart.
All efforts were given."