TRIBULATION: Video zur Single "Funeral Pyre"

TRIBULATION sind zurück Photo Credit: Century Media/Tribulation

Die Schweden TRIBULATION haben mit "Funeral Pyre" einen brandneuen Track ihres kommenden Albums "Where The Gloom Becomes Sound" (VÖ: 29.01.2021) veröffentlicht.

Schaut euch hier das von Artax Film produzierte Video an, bei dem Claudio Marino Regie geführt hat:

TRIBULATION zur neuen Single und dem Video:

"Here's something for the fire worshippers out there: an ode to the one that transforms and delivers, aids and burns. It's a song about sacrifice and loss and the immortality quest of heroes past. Giving form to the name, we had the help of Claudio Mario and Artax Film who contributed with their own vision of 'Funeral Pyre' - as ragged, yet stylish and clean-cut as always."