ARCHITECTS veröffentlichen dritte Single

Credit: Ed Mason

Nach "Animals" und "Black Lungs" veröffentlicht die englische Metalcore-Band ARCHITECTS mit "Dead Butterflies" ihre dritte Single samt Musikvideo.

Damit gibt es einen weiteren Vorgeschmack auf ihr am 26. Februar über Epitaph erscheinendes Album "For Those That Wish To Exist". Hier könnt ihr euch das neue Musikvideo anschauen:

Drummer und Songwriter Dan Searle kommentiert:

“This album was me looking at our inability to change to a way of life that would sustain the human race and save the planet. I wanted to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the question of what are we going to do, as opposed to trying to point the finger at politicians. Change has to start on a personal level. The world has developed a culture of wanting someone else to deal with it, when we need to take our own responsibility. It has to start there.”