FROZEN SOUL geben Livestream-Event bekannt

Credit: Adam Cedillo

Die amerikanische Death-Metal-Band FROZEN SOUL hat für diesen Donnerstag mit "Wrecking Ball Metal Madness" ein Livestream-Event bekanntgegeben.

Die Band hat gerade erst ihr neues Album "Crypt Of Ice" veröffentlicht und wird Donnerstag zusammen mit DEVOURMENT und CREEPING DEATH auftreten. Hier kann der Stream angeschaut werden.

Die Band kommentiert:

“We are so proud of what we have done with Wrecking Ball Metal Madness. This event is our DIY take on the old shows and the horror genre we all loved growing up. It focuses on fun and we really feel that we did our best to give the audience something funny — and sick. This will be an ongoing series that we hope to expand on and do more with bringing more bands in mix and continuing to give people enjoyment during such dark times. This event will have an exclusive store through Holy Mountain Printing, which will include limited merch from the bands, as well as physical VHS tapes specially made of the show."