CULTED veröffentlichen neuen Track des kommenden Albums "Nous"

Die Metal - Band Culted hat mit "Maze" den dritten Track ihres kommenden Albums veröffentlicht. Das Album "Nous" wird am 26. Februar 2021 über Season of Mist veröffentlicht.


Hier geht's zum Musikvideo:


Die Band sagt zu ihrem neuen Video:

"'Maze' is both a reaction and objection to the extra-ordinary, potentially dangerous, awe-inspiring, fear-inducing beliefs, rites, and objects that are often crowned sacred. 'Maze' is sound ordained to render the invisible and the tangible, to make manifest the lamentable impurity of the flesh, and to make sublime the infinite distress of the soul."


Track List "Nous":

1.   Lowest Class
2.   Lifers
3.   One Last Smoke
4.   Ankle Deep
5.   Black Bird
6.   Opiate The Hounds
7.   Maze
8.   Crown Of Lies
9.   The Grid
10. Crush My Soul (Godflesh Cover)