SKINDRED veröffentlichen „It’s a crime“

Credit: Hassle Records

Die britische Band SKINDREAD veröffentlicht am 23.04 ein Reissue ihres zweiten Albums „Roots Rock Riot“ via Hassle Records. Vorab gibt es „It’s a Crime“ zu hören, der bisher nur auf der Japan-Version des Albums erhältlich war.

Das Lyric-Video könnt ihr euch hier anschauen:

Drummer Arya Goggin kommentiert:

„‘It’s a Crime’ was written in 2006 in our basement studio below St Joseph’s Boxing club in Newport. It’s where all the writing for RRR took place. The only reason it didn’t make the album was because of how the album track listing flowed. We were so happy with how the album progressed from the opening of chaos of Roots Rock Riot to the epic ending of Choices and Decisions we didn’t want to crowbar another song in needlessly. It was a hard decision to leave it out but we are so happy it’s being included in the re-release. It was always a band and producer favourite.”