JETTY BONES veröffentlicht neuen Song "Nothing"

Credit: Lindsey Byrnes

Die Sängerin Jetty Bones aus Ohio veröffentlicht am Freitag digital ihr Debüt-Album "Push Back" via Rise Records, der physische Release folgt am 09. April. Heute gibt es mit der Single "Nothing" einen letzten Vorgeschmack auf ihr neues Album.

 Zuvor sind bereits die beiden Singles "That's All" und "Taking Up Space" erschienen. Mit "Nothing" erscheint die dritte und vermutlich letzte Single vor Album-Release. Ein Musikvideo gibt es auch dazu, das ihr euch hier anschauen könnt:

Jetty Bones kommentiert:

"I’m not sure I even have the words to adequately express how thrilled I was to finally work with my friend, Mark Eschleman of Reel Bear Media, on this video. After recording Push Back, Mark was the first person to hear the rough mixes. We sat in his living room and he immediately started visualizing the idea for this video when he heard the song. Almost a year later, we finally got to bring that idea to life. This song is about questioning whether you should keep fighting for something you love or let it fade away, all while contemplating the repercussions of either decision. There’s a harsh dichotomy between those two lives, but a connection in the pain. The record touches on that a lot, so Mark and Lindsey Byrnes (who I am blessed to call my creative director and friend) found such a beautiful way to represent that concept (and more). The team we had on set felt like an instant family. Bringing Kimmy Shields into the mix was a perfect addition - the positive energy and comic relief she brought to the shoot made the whole experience one I’ll always cherish."