AS EVERYTHING UNFOLDS veröffentlichen Single "On The Inside"

AS EVERYTHING UNDFOLDS photo credit: Long Branch Records

Die britische Post-Hardcore-Gruppe AS EVERYTHING UNFOLDS enthüllt eine neue Single mit dem Titel "On The Inside".

Im Folgenden könnt ihr das passende Musikvideo anschauen. Dabei handelt es sich um die neueste Auskopplung vom Debütalbum der Band, das am 26. März unter dem Titel "Within Each Lies The Other" über Long Branch Records erscheinen soll.

 Sängerin Charlie Rolfe fasst das Thema des Liedes und des Videos wie folgt zusammen:

"Have you ever felt dragged down by what seems to be people that adore you? Have you ever felt like you’re being lied and dragged along for the pleasure of someone else?This song is a story about the thoughts and feelings being in that scenario, holding onto a thought of a day out of that life."

Ferner kommentiert Rolfe:

“Anger and sadness really drove this track lyrically, it’s a track that has a lot of frustration taken out on it through the use of majority harsh vocals. It’s a song about betrayal, liars and anyone who has ever done anything to you, to make you deliberately feel worthless, a lot of energy is taken out on this song, and we invite you to do the same.”


 Die Tracklist von "Within Each Lies The Other":

1 On The Inside
2 Take Me There
3 Wallow
4 Stranger In The Mirror
5 I'm Not The Only One
6 Grayscale
7 Stay
8 Let Me Go
9 Hiding From Myself
10 One Last Time
11 Wither