NAPALM DEATH erneuern Vertrag bei Century Media

Photo Credit: Gobinder Jhitta

Nach vielen Jahren der Zusammenarbeit haben die Grindcore Größen NAPALM DEATH erneut einen Plattenvertrag bei Century Media unterzeichnet.

Sänger Mark "Barney" Greenway über die erneute Koorperation:

“Very happy to let people know that we have put pen to paper and taken the plunge with Century Media again. Crucial to NAPALM DEATH was that we continued to retain artistic and creative control and also continue to have a determining voice in how our music is used – and, equally as importantly, isn’t used. The people we have consistently worked with down the years at Century Media have always been extremely attuned to this, and we have never experienced anything like the heavy hand of suffocating commercial pressure that can be inherent in this kind of relationship and lead to crappy creative outcomes. Looking forward to sonically bending more minds with their help.”

Zudem sollen am 4. Juli die beiden 2009 und 2012 erschienen Alben "Time Waits For No Slave" und "Totalitarian" erneut aufgelegt und als Vinyl und Jewelcase CD via Century Media veröffentlicht werden.