Ex-DAWN-OF-DISEASE-Mitglieder kehren mit neuem Projekt HIRAES zurück

Sängerin Britta Görtz mit HIRAES Foto: Lisa Ulferts

Zusammen mit Sängerin Britta Görtz (CRITICAL MESS, Ex-CRIPPER) kehrt die Instrumentalfraktion von DAWN OF DISEASE mit ihrem neuen Death-Metal-Projekt HIRAES zurück auf die Bühnen der Republik.

Mit dem Debütalbum "Solitary", welches am 25. Juni 2021 via Napalm Records veröffentlicht werden soll, steht zudem auch gleich ein erster Longplayer im Haus: 

“Our debut album "Solitary" is the result of the collaboration of five musicians who burn with passion for melodic death metal. With its incredible emotional energy, it will captivate fans of the genre in no time. Hymn-like melodies and catchy riffing meet versatile drumming and the very varied growls of our singer Britta. The result is a unique blend of the best that melodic death metal has to offer. Rounded off by stunning sound, refined at Fascination Street Studios under the direction of Jens Bogren, and strong artwork by Costin Chioreanu, we are really more than satisfied with our first album. We can't wait to finally present Solitary to the metal community on June 25, 2021!

HIRAES cover210414


1. Shadows Break
2. Under Fire
3. Grain Of Sand
4. 1000 Lights
5. Eyes Over Black
6. Outshine
7. Solitary
8. Strangers
9. Running Out Of Time

Wer wissen will, was soundtechnisch von HIRAES zu erwarten sein wird, darf sich über die erste Vorabsingle "Under Fire" freuen:

 “We are more than proud to finally present you our first single. "Under Fire" is a monumental melodic death metal neckbreaker that combines a mixture of very different elements of our music: from catchy and melodic-melancholic parts to groovy headbang passages and fast up-tempo drumming - there's something for everyone here. Together with the very cool video, "Under Fire" is guaranteed to blow you away!"