HIDEOUS DIVINITY: Bass-Playthrough zu "Chestburst"

Die Tech-Deather HIDEOUS DIVINITY aus Italien haben ein Bass-Playthrough-Video zum Song "Chestburst" veröffentlicht. Der Song stammt von der EP "LV-426", die vor einem Monat erschienen ist.

Bassist Stefano Franceschini sagt:

"'Chestburst' is one of the most "in your face" songs Hideous Divinity has ever written; it's probably also the song where the bass sticks out the most, which is always great (HA!). Seriously, I love the track, and the reason I chose it for this playthrough is that it's Hideous Divinity at its best, being the perfect blend of aggressive riffing, harmonic minor / symmetric scales, and musical narrativity. Enjoy!"



Enrico "H." Di Lorenzo (vocals)

Enrico Schettino (guitars)

Stefano Franceschini (bass)

Giulio Galati (drums)

Riccardo Benedini (guitars)