A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH - Neues Album im Herbst, neue Single vorab

Artwork von "Infernum In Terra"

A Pale Horse Named Death haben mit "Believe In Something (You Are Lost)" die erste Single aus ihrem neuen Studioalbum "Infernum In Terra" veröffentlicht. Das vierte Album der Gloomy Doomster erscheint am 24.09.2021 über Long Branch Records / SPV.

Bandleader Sal Abruscato über die neue Single:

"'Believe In Something (You Are Lost)' is about feeling lost with your emotions and beliefs with the outside world, you're on the verge of snapping, feeling alone and that’s the moment where you need to dig deep with your self, focus on what makes you feel better, ignore the rest who do not help. In a nutshell believe in your self and you can achieve anything!"

"Infernum In Terra" wurde von Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Meat Loaf, Yes etc.) gemischt. Das Artwork steuerte Kelvin Doran aus den Serpent Tusk Studios in Dublin (IE) bei.

Sal zum neuen Album:

"The album to me represents a new beginning, turning a new leaf shall we say with the same vibe from past albums but with a fresh open minded approach. There is no real concrete specific concept, it touches on some personal topics in my life long, my interest in the dark arts, that to have light you must have darkness to balance everything. With daylight comes nightfall, with heaven there is hell and at this moment the world seems to be in a very dark place hence the title of the album ‘Infernum In Terra’. This is a very dark album, but what else is new I always write dark music to sooth a dark soul!"

Neu im Line-Up von APHND sind Schlagzeuger Chris Hamilton (BLOOD SIMPLE, DOWNSET) und Bassist Oddie McLaughlin (BLACK WATER RISING, DAMN YOUR EYES). Drummer Johnny Kelly (TYPE O NEGATIVE), der auf den letzten drei Alben zu hören war, hat A PLAE HORSE NAMED DEATH Anfang 2021 verlassen.

A Pale Horse Named Death BandA Pale Horse Named Death / Photo Credit: Mischa Linares

Tracklist ‘Infernum In Terra’

1. Infernum
2. Believe In Something (You Are Lost)
3. Cast Out From The Sky
4. Shards Of Glass
5. Lucifer’s Sun
6. It Is Done
7. Two Headed Snake (Propofol Dreams)
8. Slave To The Master
9. Devil’s Deed
10. Reflections Of The Dead
11. Souls In The Abyss

A Pale Horse Named Death Line-Up:

Sal Abruscato - Gesang, Gitarre
Eddie Heedles - Gitarre
Joe Taylor - Gitarre
Chris Hamilton - Schlagzeug
Oddie McLaughlin - Bass