SWALLOW THE SUN veröffentlichen erstes Video vom kommendem Livealbum

Am 30.Juli veröffentlichen SWALLOW THE SUN ihr Livealbum “20 Years of Gloom, Beauty and Despair – Live in Helsinki”.

Heute veröffentlicht das finnische Sextett eine erste Vorabsingle, in Form des Songs "Dont Fall Asleep Horror - Part II".

Das sagt die Band zur Singleauskopplung:

“This is the first single from our upcoming live album. 'Don’t Fall Asleep' is an old classic from 2007, which was also released as a single from our "Hope" album back then. We played a special fan voted setlist that night in Helsinki. So expect nothing but hits and classics. Enjoy!

Über das Livealbum sagt Sänger Mikko Kotamäki:

“We were supposed to play anniversary shows in Europe and North America. We started our European tour in Finland in February 2020 and played 10 gigs. Everything got canceled two weeks after that. Luckily, we filmed and recorded our gig in Helsinki. Now, everyone can see it. At the time, we didn't know the footage or recordings would be used for this purpose.”

Set one

  1. The Womb Of Winter
  2. The Heart Of A Cold White Land
  3. Away
  4. Pray For The Winds To Come
  5. Songs From The North
  6. 66°50′N, 28°40′E
  7. Autumn Fire
  8. Before the Summer Dies

Set two

  1. Lost & Catatonic
  2. Empires of Loneliness
  3. Falling World
  4. Cathedral Walls
  5. Plague of Butterflies, Pt. II
  6. Don't Fall Asleep (Horror, Pt. II)
  7. Stone Wings
  8. The Giant
  9. Swallow (Horror, Pt. I)
  10. Here on the Black Earth

Juha Raivio - Gitarre
Matti Honkonen - Bass
Mikko Kotamäki - Gesang
Juuso Raatikainen - Drums
Juho Räihä - Gitarre
Jaani Peuhu - Keyboards/Gesang