A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH - Neue Single "Shards Of Glass"

A Pale Horse Named Death Photo Credit: Mischa Linares

A Pale Horse Named Death haben mit "Shards Of Glass" die zweite Single aus ihrem neuen Studioalbum "Infernum In Terra" veröffentlicht. Das inzwischen vierte Album der Formation erscheint am 24.09.2021.

Hier könnt ihr die neue Single "Shards Of Glass" streamen und das Album "Infernum In Terra" vorbestellen: https://smarturl.it/infernuminterra

Bandleader Sal Abruscato über die neue Single:

"This song refers to the mental and emotional abuse that happens in a family setting. Tip toeing around a family member that causes only emotional damage to you and your family, what ever they touch they destroy, what ever they say about your character is a lie and no one trusts what you are saying is true. You get this feeling that the broken glass you walk on is what lies in their wake of destruction.”