MINISTRY enthüllt neuen Longplayer "Moral Hygiene"

Foto: Nuclear Blast

Die amerikanische Industrial-Legende MINISTRY hat ihren 15. Longplayer "Moral Hygiene" enthüllt.

Mastermind Al Jourgensen kommentierte die Bekanntgabe folgendermaßen:

The good thing about literally taking a year off from any social activity or touring is that you really get to sit back and get an overview of things as they are happening, as opposed to being caught up in the moment. And what I saw with how we handled several public crises - from the pandemic to racial injustice to who we vote in to lead our country - is that times are changing, and society needed to change to get away from the idea that has permeated us of take care of yourself, fuck everything else. Now more than ever we need moral hygiene. It consumed me as I wrote this album. It’s not some pious term. It’s what we have to return to in order to function as the human species on this planet. And I'm proud to have had such great guests on this album to help cement that message like Billy Morrison, Jello Biafra and Arabian Prince.

Inspiriert von John Lewis und den BLM-Protesten gibt es zudem schon die erste Singleauskopplung "Good Trouble" auf die Ohren:

"Moral Hygiene" wird am 01. Oktober 2021 via Nuclear Blast veröffentlicht werden.


1. Alert Level
2. Good Trouble
3. Sabotage Is Sex
4. Disinformation
5. Search and Destroy
6. Believe Me
7. Broken System
8. We Shall Resist
9. Death Toll
10. TV Song #6 (Right Around The Corner Mix)

Ministry MOral Hygiene