MASSACRE kündigen neues Album "Resurgence" an

Foto: Nuclear Blast

Das amerikanische Death-Metal-Sextett MASSACRE hat die Veröffentlichung seines vierten Studioalbums "Resurgence" angekündigt.

Sänger Kam Lee dazu:

It’s all about Lovecraft isn’t it. Honesty though, aesthetically MASSACRE needed two main things to return to be proper. A) The return to the core roots of O.S.D.M. (Old School Death Metal) style death metal that late 80’s, early 90’s sound. Musically the record has to retain that nostalgic retro style. B) To return to the lyrical aesthetics laden with influences heavily drawn from the stories and fictional mythos that is all Lovecraftian.'

The Innsmouth Strain' is heavily influenced by the H.P. Lovecraft story “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” yet has my own twisted take on transmutation body horror aspects thrown in. I sort of lyrically give it a David Cronenberg /Junji Ito type spin on a Lovecraft fiction. So lyrically it is basically it’s about body horror of aquatic transmutation. Any deeper meaning then that is just speculative, but could simply be metaphor for our world’s current situation with the pandemic and other threats of the spreading of viral infection. Musically it’s just proper O.S.D.M. the way it’s meant to be played and properly represented by MASSACRE.

"Resurgence" wird am 22. Oktober 2021 via Nuclear Blast veröffentlicht werden.


1. Eldritch Prophecy
2. Ruins Of R'lyeh
3. The Innsmouth Strain
4. Whisperer In Darkness
5. Book Of The Dead
6. Into The Far-Off Void
7. Servants Of Discord
8. Fate Of The Elder Gods
9. Spawn Of The Succubus
10. Return Of The Corpse Grinder

Massacre Resurgence