EVERYTIME I DIE kündigen Album "Radical" an

Die Hardcore-Truppe EVERYTIME I DIE kündigt ihr neuntes Studioalbum "Radical" an. Zum Song "Post-Boredom" gibt es ein Video. "Radical" erschieint am 22. Oktober.

"’Post-Boredom’ was the first song I ever wrote that gave me the feeling of real Truth,” sagt Sänger Keith Buckley. “I wasn't hiding any secret confessions in metaphors, I was very much fed up with living an unfulfilling life and felt that I needed a death (either figuratively or literally) in order to have a fighting chance at finding new meaning. I see this song from a distance. It's reflective but also, finally, detached. not a full ego death, but indicative that the process needed to start immediately in my own life. If you read the lyrics and it resonates with you, then you also need to recognize that you might be feeling unseen in your current form. So, what are YOU going to do about it if given the gift of death?"