BEAST IN BLACK: Musikvideo zur neuen Single "Moonlight Rendezvous" online

Foto: Nuclear Blast

Die finnische Power-Metal-Band BEAST IN BLACK hat das Musikvideo ihrer neuen Single "Moonlight Rendezvous" online gestellt.

Bandleader Anton Kabanen dazu: ”Moonlight Rendezvous is a massive dark cyberpunk love story that marks a brave new turn in Beast In Black’s journey. It felt like a mission impossible to capsulize a story worth a full length feature film into six minutes without making it feel like a trailer, and still make total sense when you put all the pieces together. But as always, the bigger the challenge the more it feeds our ambition and excitement, hence we knew we must do this! That’s the way of the Beast. And we all can easily agree that no one was as driven as our multi-talented director Katri Ilona Koppanen, who didn’t only make an extraordinary video for Beast In Black which we couldn’t be more proud of, but also her brilliant debut as a director.”

Die Single wird auch auf dem kommenden Album "Dark Connection" zu finden sein, welches am 29. Oktober 2021 via Nuclear Blast veröffentlicht werden wird.


1. Blade Runner
2. Bella Donna
3. Highway To Mars
4. Hardcore
5. One Night In Tokyo
6. Moonlight Rendezvous
7. Revengeance Machine
8. Dark New World
9. To The Last Drop Of Blood
10. Broken Survivors
11. My Dystopia
12. Battle Hymn (MANOWAR Cover)
13. They Don't Care About Us (MICHAEL JACKSON Cover)

Beast In Black Dark Connection