"Where Can You Flee?": Neue Single von UNLEASHED

Jens Rydén

Die schwedischen Death Metaller UNLEASHED haben mit "Where Can You Flee?" die zweite Single ihres kommenden Albums "No Sign Of Life" veröffentlicht. Zu dem Song gibt es ein Lyric-Video. Das Album erscheint am 12. November.

Frontmann Jonny kommentiert den Song: “The Midgard Warriors will never forget nor forgive, the atrocities that occured in Svithiod as the armies of White Christ burned village after village, raped and killed women and children on their way as they fled. Now, as the once so holy city of Jorsala has fallen, the Midgard Warriors pressed on in persecution of those responsible, and the hunt continues into the great Sinai peninsula. Whatever sacred mission lay behind it all, the Midgard Warriors are determined to find the answers. So “Where can you flee?” Where can you go?”