BLEED FROM WITHIN veröffentlichen Livevideo zu "Pathfinder"

Kürzlich veröffentlichten BLEED FROM WITHIN ihr Livealbum "Viral Hysteria". Mit "Pathfinder" gibt es daraus jetzt ein neues Video zu sehen.

Gebt euch das Livevideo jetzt hier:

Zu "Virtual Hysteria" sagt die Band

We give you, ‘Viral Hysteria (live in 2020)’. It is with no shortage of excitement that we finally announce the release of our first live album, ‘Viral Hysteria’. In a year that took so much from all of us, this became one of our biggest and proudest moments as a band. Seeing the sheer number of people who tuned in worldwide to watch the show was incredible – and a reminder, just when we needed it, of exactly why we do this.

We are so excited to now share the entire shows with you and see it immortalized on all platforms for everyone to enjoy.

"Viral Hysteria" Trackliste:

Night Crossing (Live in 2020)
Pathfinder (Live in 2020)
Uprising (Live in 2020)
Into Nothing (Live in 2020 - Album Version)
Afterlife (Live in 2020)
Cast Down (Live in 2020)
Fracture (Live in 2020)
Crown Of Misery (Live in 2020)
Ascend (Live in 2020)
Ruina (Live in 2020)
Alive (Live in 2020)
The End Of All We Know (Live in 2020)