Neues Video von AT THE GATES

Photo Credit: Ester Segarra

Die schwedischen Melodic Death Metaller AT THE GATES haben heute ein neues Video zum Song "Cosmic Pessimism" veröffentlicht.

Der Song stammt von ihrem letzten Studioalbum "The Nightmare Of Being", welches am 2. Juli via Century Media erschien.

Sänger Tomas Lindberg Redant über "Cosmic Pessimism":

Cosmic Pessimism’ is one of the central tracks of the new record. Not only drawing the title from the Eugene Thacker book of the same name, the lyrics actually are written by Eugene himself. This is something I am very proud of, the collaboration with one of the central figures when it comes to modern day pessimism and the idea of how it correlates to cosmic horror. It is a suffocatingly strict and repetitive song, and it displays the mood of the lyrics brilliantly, in my opinion. AT THE GATES have always been fans of anything eclectic and extreme, and we are finally at a moment in our career where we feel comfortable lifting in some of these, more avantgarde influences within the at the gates trademark sound. Minimalistic neo classical influences here clash with the deutsche rock/"kraut" and no wave sounds that we love so much. The video is once again shot by Costin, our longtime collaborator, and, once again, he managed to add extra depth and texture to the music and lyrics.