ARCH ENEMY: neue Single und neues Video

Photo credit: Katja Kuhl

ARCH ENEMY haben gestern ihre neue Single "House of Mirrors" veröffentlicht.

"House of Mirrors" ist nach "Deceiver, Deceiver" die zweite Single, welche die Schweden nach vier Jahren veröffentlicht haben. Ein passendes Video gibt es ab sofort auf YouTube zusehen.

Gitarrist Michael Ammott über "House of Mirrors":

"Musically, this is an idea that has been bouncing around in my head for a while, and finally it got finished. It all started with the guitar motif that kicks off the track, which naturally leads to the galloping 80's-metal feel of the verses. As is always the case with us, we had quite a few different arrangements and demos of this song until it was, dare I say, fckn perfect!"

Alissa White-Gluz über die Single:

"'House of Mirrors' is a song that twists its way into the human psyche. I wrote the lyrics during a dark time of strict, dystopian lockdown, and I think people will be able to relate to that feeling of being totally alone - but never truly alone - when you are surrounded only by past and future versions of yourself as company."