DEAD LORD kündigen EP und Europatour an

Die Stockholmer DEAD LORD haben heute ihre neue EP "Dystopia" sowie eine Europatour für 2022 angekündigt.

"Dystopia" wird am 11. März 2022 via Century Media erscheinen. Fast zeitgleich startet die gleichnamige Europatour zusammen mit Special Guest THE RIVEN.

Sänger Hakim Krim über "Dystopia":

Wax is the only thing that's eternal! We know this as well as do you. So at last, here's our latest single-gone-ep release, for you to enjoy. 6 tracks of something new, something old, something borrowed and something ice cold. A couple of unreleased tracks, homages to our fellow rockateers, if you will, along with some nuggets previously only digitally released, finally make their way to a face melting platter of rocking grooves. So even in the most dystopian of potential futures, where computers have long since lost to the nuclear storms, your record player will keep spinning. And rock will prevail!

DEAD LORD + The Riven – Dystopia Tour 2022

02.03.2022 Vanløse (Denmark) - Stairway

03.03.2022 Hamburg (Germany) - Bambi Galore

04.03.2022 Bochum (Germany) - Matrix

05.03.2022 Tilburg (The Netherlands) - Little Devil

06.03.2022 Antwerp (Belgium) - Kavka

07.03.2022 Cologne (Germany) - MTC                              

09.03.2022 Vienna (Austria) - Escape Club

10.03.2022 Nuremberg (Germany) - Der Cult

11.03.2022 Strasbourg (France) - La Maison Bleue

12.03.2022 Nantes (France) - La Scène Michelet

13.03.2022 Portugalete (Spain) - Groove

14.03.2022 Madrid (Spain) - Rockville

15.03.2022 Barcelona (Spain) - Razzmatazz 3

16.03.2022 Lyon (France) - Rock n'Eat

17.03.2022 Winterthur (Switzerland) - Gaswerk